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All dogs (regardless of service performed) are required to have a completed registration form (available at the Klubhouse or located at the bottom ) and show proof of being current on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, and  Bordatella. 

For dogs 6 months and older we require your dog to be spayed or neutered unless extenuating circumstances exist. These rare exceptions are allowed on a case by case basis. Our experience has taught us that intact dogs can create issues in group settings.

We strive for Harmony and balance in our pack. In order for us to create a positive experience for all dogs participating in Boarding, Day Care, and Training classes each dog must pass a behavioral assessment by our staff prior to staying with us. Please give us a call to arrange a meet and greet.


Overnight guests should be in good health as determined by your veterinarian. You are required to provide food for the duration of the stay.  A $2 per day charge will be added if food is not provided. If your dog requires medicine or supplements please remember to bring it as well. Specialized treatments (such as insulin injections) are subject to a handling fee. 

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